The Bjørntvet quarry has a very rich biodiversity with the potential for additional species richness and improved conservation of the already established plant species. As the quarry at Bjørntvedt is approaching the end of its industrial period of activity, the area can be further developed into something that offers multiple values; value to the environment with its exceptional biodiversity, value to society as an area of learning and recreation, and value for commercial interest through for instance, housing development. However, this all depends on better insight into the ecological success of revegetation and how this can be applied to the potential future use of this area.

Presently, a comprehensive registration and mapping of the biodiversity of this site is lacking. I propose to register the site according to national standards. I also aim to map important habitat types and species within the quarry area. This will lead to the identification of important areas within the quarry that need to be shown special care and consideration for future use or development. The aim is to both identify hotspots for biodiversity, but also preserve these in light of future changes at the site.