CIMBENIN develops, through the company CALCIM S.A, a limestone extraction and crushing unit in FONGBA in the Mono department, Lokossa municipality . The activities related to the exploitation of this limestone induce the degradation of the riparian lands which entails the destruction of the biodiversity of this ecosystem. In fact, It has been found that the soil is lossed and devoid of all the arable land. To do this, any action to rehabilitate these sites must first be concerned with their fertility restoration. Also, the first restoration trial made only of Acacia auriculiformis, compared to some regenerated Kassia siamea plants in the field, raises questions about the restoration of ecosystems destroyed in ecosystem. Thus, as part of the implementation of the Sustainable Land and Biodiversity Management Plan underlying this extraction, this year the first edition of the Quarry Life Award competition is launched. The Center for Forest Research and Training Studies (CERF) thinks in this logic of contributing to the achievement of this objective with the " Project of Ecosystem Restoration and Management in FONGBA quarry mining ". The present project aims not only at real-life application of CERF research results of some technics of Integrated Soil Fertilizer Management, but also the use of suitable indigenous species for soil restoration and a conservation of the biodiversity of the exploitation site.