The river called "Meuse" owns many secondary channels. We can find a large diversity of species in these wetlands which participate as well to the good carrying out of the biological cycle of two fish species belonging to the french red list of IUCN, pike and mud loach species.

The secondary channel of Charny-sur-Meuse is considered as damaged. The cow stamping, the connection level with the Meuse river and superficial flowing coming from quarries explain the damage.

In 2017, the Meuse Federation of Fishing and Protection of the Aquatic Environment did a study by telemetry about pike and a fish inventory in the secondary channel which enable today to create a project in order to restore and improve its functioning for two species.

Some digging works, future plannings which will be achieved in the quarry and a change of agricultural practice in the meadow will permit to achieve these objectives. Thanks to this project, the impact of GSM company about secondary channel functioning will have a positive evolution. The company which represented a disturbing element for the environment (by the presence of superficial flowing between the quarry and the wetland) will become an incentive factor for restoration and protection of works.