This third prospecting has focused on woods at the foot of the cliffs mapping the crests studied by the first exploration. This biotope mix light woods and rocky ground with stones and boulders.

Again, the result of the walk is very good as we have found 8 additional species, with 2 small snail species, taller snails and various slugs with one pest :

Arion ater - Black Slug
Arion hortensis - Garden Slug
Boettgerilla pallens - Worm Slug
Cochlicopa lubrica - Slippery Teardrop Snail
Cochlicopa lubricella - Least Slippery Snail
Deroceras panorminatum - Longneck Field Slug
Deroceras reticulatum - Netted Field Slug
Monacha cartusiana - Cartusian snail
Oxychilus cellarius - Cellar Glass Snail

This was also the first attempt to collect litter, hoping finding, when sieving, very small land species. But we failed to obtain any other species different from those we already collected on the field.

Anyway, we reach now 30 snails and slugs species. It is already clear that the Loën quarry is a very interesting place with a rich biodiversity, at least from a malacological point of view !
Next propecting : and the fresh waters ?