Currently we determine ground and tiger beetles from pitfall traps in lab. An interesting finding is eg. tiger beetle species Cylindera germanica. Until now, we observed 15 species of dragonflies in total in gravel pit Hulín. Gravel pits are usually used only by common species. Therefore, very surprising finding was the discovery exuvie Stylurus flavipes. This species is endangered in the Red List of Czech Republic (in addition is protected by law and European legislation, Natura 2000). Of the other valuable and protected invertebrates, we observed for example Labidura riparia, Matis religiosa, Xylocopa violacea, Lycaena dispar.

Based on these findings we can conclude that Hulín gravel pit area provides a rich mosaic of habitats, which uses a number of interesting and endangered species.

In the figures: zoological survey, suitable habitat for dragonflies, determination, Mantis religiosa, Lacerta agilis, Sympetrum meridionale – male, Orthetrum cancellatum – female.