One of great interest of the Loën quarry is the high diversity of biotopes one can find there.

Some snails are rather ubiquitous : you can find them in almost every natural biotope. So are more or less Cepaea hortensis, Monacha cartusiana or Clausilia bidentata. But other species show clearly their preferences for a specific environment.

In wet woodlands area, you have good chance to find Monachoides incarnatus, Merdigera obscura, Arion ater, Macrogastra lineolata or Cochlodina laminata.

In a dry woodlands and shrubs zones, it is strongly possible to find Clausilia parvula, Arion vulgaris, Deroceras reticulatum or Pupilla muscorum.

In dry meadow, especially in the sunny areas, one can meet Helicella itala or Cenruella negelecta.

Evan in shaded boulders and rocks, you can find some Clausiliid and slugs under the stones and in the crevies where they can find some humidity or at least protection agaisn a tto wram sun.

And don't forget also industrial estate : various slugs take advantage of the wet shelters the building can provide.