The scientific investigation of species richness not only in the limestone quarry, but also in any other locality is a complex, time consuming and personally, professionally and financially demanding activity. It requires an active worth of many specialists in the field, and a lot of other hours spent by determination of the collected material. Even through the Mokrá quarry and its closed surroundings become one of the most biologically investigated areas in the Czech Republic, many groups of invertebrates haven't been studied there yet.

And one such group is the Hymenoptera order. Nobody from our team is a professional in this research area (vegetation ecologist, pedologist, chiropterologist, teacher of environmental education). And thus we cannot study the species richness of this group of insects directly. Therefore, we decided to estimate environmental conditions for insect pollinators by evaluation of nutrition sources indirectly by monitoring of bee colonies in modified hives. We will use specially developed electronics, which provides getting information in a real time.