Lucka – zoologist of the Land Trust Hády NGO. She takes care of our animals (llamas, sheeps, goats and rabbits). She is a manager of many of our small projects.

Stáňa – coordinator and lecturer of environmental education in the Land Trust Hády NGO. She organises education for schools and kindergardens at our ecocentre Lamacentrum Hády.

Peter – pedologist and ecologist of the Land Trust Hády NGO. He is responsible for the management of nature protected areas owned and rented by the NGO. He is a skilled beekeeper, who taught us beekeeping methods at the Hády locality two years ago.

Luboš – vegetation ecologist and software expert working at Masaryk University in Brno, who learned a little bit of beekeeping from Peter.

We are fascinated by the nature. Therefore, we are working at the Land Trust Hády. This small NGO is responsible for nature protection of the Hády hill, which is botanically and zoologically unique locality near Brno city. The NGO also supports an environmental education in a small ecocentre with several animal species (including bees:) – Lamacentrum Hády.