Po, 07/05/2018 - 04:44

In order to enhance potential use of the bat houses, optimal roosting locations must be selected. A site tour allowed the team to gain insight into the sites topography. Brent explained the general quarry processes that occur. While we hope to make big impacts on increasing MYLU and MYSE biodiversity for the quarry, we are trying to limit our impacts. To achieve this we are hoping to utilize material already present at site to reduce the amount of materials being brought in following the philosophy of Reduce, reuse, recycle … in this case upcycle. We will potentially achieve this by using scrap steel for our deployment stands in the center of a clearing. The cable spool will be a foundation for our support posts, on which we will place various bat houses during field placements. This will facilitate reasonable access, safe anchoring points and mitigate known roosting bats in local quarry owned structures. Five other placement locations were considered but due to low efficacy and increased logistical challenges they were selected against. Further stand design and exact field placements will be made shortly. Stay tuned to for more updates on our journey to “Rule the Roost”!