Lucka: Central European quarry seems to be a destroyed landscape, but it is a small remnant of clean nature. Contrary, the typical agricultural country-side full of farming people is currently a poisonous cultural desert.

Stáňa: I do not want to see the bee in the mobile app, I want to see it in the meadow. I want to hear its buzzing, taste its honey, get the string! Peace of knowledge from our project perhaps help people more understand, what we, as inhabitants of this planet, do and what we can bring to the future.

Peter: I was positively surprised that the abandoned quarry Hády with dry grassland vegetation can be better forage resource for bees than the environment of an average rural landscape. The quarry Mokrá is also promising from this point of view.

Luboš: It is sadly fascinating, how many natural facts are still hidden for us and how fastly some parts of our nature may disappear without a possibility of their investigation, understanding and possible protection.