Formation of complexes of terrestrial animals in different types of disturbed lands is slow. For these reasons, according to the species composition and quantitative characteristics, the complex of the botanical and herpetofauna of the fishing quarry is very depleted and significantly loses to regional indicators. Here there is a residence of 1 species of amphibians and 2 species of reptiles, which totals 13.04% of the species biodiversity of these animals in the Dnipropetrovsk region.
A small population of Marsh frog lives in a reservoir, which was formed due to pumping water in the granite production zone. Spit lizard In insignificant quantities it is found in lighted white-acacia plantations, on stone plots and in areas with formed phytocenoses of steppe type. Grass snake penetrates into a quarry, settling on the side of Samara Bay. In addition to the negative influence of factors of anthropogenic origin, the press which remains sufficiently significant in the current careers, it is necessary to note the essential role of grouping dogs in the containment of the growth of the population of the spit lizard. As a remedy to increase biodiversity, it is possible to consider the introduction of gray and green toads at the early and imagoal stages, when they massively die on highways when relocating from places of reproduction to land biotopes.